The Best Lavender Field in London: Mayfield Lavender Farm

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If you are looking for a location close to London to embrace the lavender, then look no further than London itself! There are a few places to see lavender in London, such as Holland Park or Kew Gardens but if you want to experience an authentic lavender field like the ones in Province, France, then look no further than Mayfield Lavender. This lavender farm is the perfect place to spend a relaxing morning or afternoon and take some photos too.

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Mayfield Lavender is a family-run lavender farm. It is home to three varieties of lavender: two of the English lavender varieties and a hybrid one. For their farming, they follow organic practises and this means that the lavender you will encounter will be free from any chemicals.

Lavender at Mayfield Lavender Field London
Ready for a lavender-infused afternoon walk!

Useful Info: London Lavender Field – Mayfield Lavender Farm

Read on to find some useful information about when to visit the farm, how to get there and what do to. For some photo inspiration head to the photo gallery at the end.

When to visit?

In the UK, lavender is in season from June to August. Likewise, Mayfield Farm is open to the public during that period. I have visited in late July and the Lavender was perfect. If you want a quiet visit, avoid the weekends as it can get busy. During those months, they are open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. To enter the farm there is a small entry fee of £4 per person (free for those under 16).

Lavender at Mayfield Lavender Field London
Lavender at Mayfield Lavender Field London

How to get there?

Mayfield Lavender is located in south London in the Borough of Sutton in Zone 6. I am not going to lie; it was not straightforward to reach it from central London as you need to take the underground, a train and a bus. I would say roughly from Zone 1/2 you will need about an hour and a half. For exact directions, it is best to consult Google Maps or Citymapper, but in general, I would suggest to make your way to Victoria station and then take a Southern train to Purley. From there walk to Purley Downlands Precinct bus stop (Stop G), take bus 166 towards Epsom and get off at Oaks Park. The lavender farm is just around the corner. An easier but a bit pricier way to get there from Purley station is to take an Uber or a cab.

Tip: As Mayfield Lavender lies in the Transport for London zones you can your Oyster card to get to there (including the train leg). Note that Zone 1-6 fares will apply.

Of course, you can drive. There is a car park on-site which is included in the entry tickets.

Lavender at Mayfield Lavender Farm

What to do there?

There are all sorts of things to do in Mayfield Lavender from simply going on a walk to enjoying some lavender-infused iced-tea! Take a moment to embrace your surroundings and smell the lavender. There are lovely benches to rest and many cool photo spots. At the cafe, you can find many lavender flavoured items from macaroons to ice cream to lemonade. From their shop, you can buy some fresh lavender (a great prop for your photos, which you can then take home and dry – I still have the one I purchased last year), and many lavender products from chocolate to body lotion.

On top of the above, for an additional cost, you can book some of the tours and activities they run. Check their website for more details on prices and timings.

Macaroon at Mayfield Lavender Farm Lodnon
Enjoying a macaroon by the lavender.
Wildflowers at Lavender at Mayfield Lavender Farm
At the lavender farm you can also find a wild flower garden.

Find out more about Mayfield Lavender here.

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All photos were taken using the camera Sony ILCE-5100 [AD] and the 16-50mm [AD] or 55-210mm [AD] lense unless otherwise specified.

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. There are lots of other places in the UK to enjoy lavender fields; this one just happened to be the closest to where I used to live. For more ideas on things to do in London, check out our London page here.

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  1. Lyne

    This place is so gorgeous! It really makes me want to visit this Lavender Farm next time I am in London!

  2. Ellen Miller

    Your photos are so beautiful! Great to know this exists, I’ll definitely visit one time I’m in London!

  3. Paloma Fts

    woah lavender fields in London?!?! why i never knew about this!! thank you for sharing <3

  4. cristinarm937

    I’m so glad I found your blog 🙂 I didnt’ know you could find lavender fields in London. I live in North England, but I will definitely need to go to the South and visit this farm. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Blondie Wanderlust

    This is so beautiful! I am missing the lavender fields from Provence so much right now, but I had no idea there was some near London too! Also don’t get me started on the macaron…

  6. mariahrye

    This is an absolute dream! I would love to visit here one day 🙂 I’m sure it smells absolutely amazing too!

      1. Mary

        I have always known about lavender but I never thought there would be cultivated in a large scale in farms or that there would be so many products of it. Thanks for sharing Elina.
        Maybe I would visit this farm in one of my following trips to London?

  7. World of Lina

    Wow! I didn’t know London has such a beautiful Lavender field 🙂

    1. Yes, I was surprised too when I found out about it. It was the same as finding deers in Richmond Park in London.

  8. Alessia

    Love this post! I was actually looking to go and visit a Lavender field close to London and I hope the weather next week will be nice so I can make it 🙂

  9. lincalinca

    This looks amazing! And no other people? How is this possible?!

    1. There were other people, but I visited on a weekday so it was very crowded. Here, I selected photos with not any other people in the frame.

  10. Jiayi Wang

    Ahh I loved this place so much (visited twice) and very much enjoyed reliving it through this post! 🙂 The lavender macaron was perfect, I want one now! 🙂

  11. Nichole

    Wow, this lavender field is beautiful!! I’m adding it to my London bucket list!

  12. Meghan Emcee

    This is AMAZING! I love lavender fields and now I don’t have to travel to Provence to see them 🙂

    1. Yes, there are a few other lavender fields around London, so it is very easy to reach them!

  13. SecretMoona

    This looks beautiful. I have always wanted to visit but never managed to find the time. I’ll have to try and make it at some point. That macaron looks delicious!

  14. Katriona

    Had no idea there was something like this near London! Would love to try the lavender infused ice tea. Thanks for sharing 🙂