A day trip to Peebles from Edinburgh

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During my time at the University of Edinburgh, I was one of the trip organisers of the Photographic Society there. This role allowed me to visit some beautiful places in Scotland, which I wouldn’t bother visiting otherwise. One of them was Peebles, a small town in the Scottish Borders region. It lies on the banks of the River Tweet, which makes it an ideal place to have a lovely walk and enjoy some time in the countryside.

Note: During the trip, we followed this route.

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Getting there

It is very easy to reach Peebles from Edinburgh using public transport. You need to take bus X62. The bus departs from Edinburgh Bus Station, but it stops in other locations as well before leaving the city. There is a bus every 30 minutes except Sundays when there is a bus every hour. Once in Peebles get off at the Post Office stop. To reach the starting point of the tour, follow High Street and then enter Tweed Green.

Things to do there

Peebles has a charming town centre with many cute independent shops. Of course, there is River Tweed which is ideal for a walk. In Peebles, you can also find the ruins of Neidpath Castle, which, unfortunately, is closed for public visits unless arranged in advance. Lastly, you can find the Cross Krik (open for the public) and the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery (open during weekdays and Saturday mornings). Before leaving don’t forget to have a quick stop at Cocoa Black for delicious chocolate and desserts!

Day Trip to Peebles – Photo diary

Cross Kirk, Peebles
Before starting our walk along the River Tweed we stopped to take some pictures of the Cross Kirk.
Peebles Starting Point
We had a quick stop for lunch in this park before starting our walk along the River Tweed.
Peebles and River Tweed
Ready to go!
The River Tweed
Although it was November, the weather offered us a sunny day.
The Tweed Walk Path
The path is well signposted and there is a clear route to follow for the majority of the walk.
Day Trip to Peebles Starting Point
We had a quick stop for lunch in this park before starting our walk along the River Tweed.
Neidpath Castle, Peebles
A glimpse of Neidpath Castle from the distance.
Needpath Castle close-up, Peebles
A close-up of Neidpath Castle.
A bridge in Peebles
Passing under a bridge in the Sottish countryside!
View of hills from Peebles
We are about halfway our walk and it has already taken us more than planned to get there (due to constantly stopping for photos ?).
View from hill in Peebles
What was my favourite part of our walk? The view from this hill!
Into the Forest
The route brought us into a forest. And although we were not sure if we were following the correct route (remember to always have an offline map), the scenery was perfect.
The River Tweed
Finally, we are out of the woods and we are making our way back to the town.
River Tweed and Peebles
After about four hours we made it back to the starting point of our walk! Time to get back to the bus station (or maybe have a break at the Cocoa Black cafe ??!).

All photos were taken using the camera Sony ILCE-5100 [AD] and the 16-50mm [AD] or 55-210mm [AD] lense unless otherwise specified.

P.S. This was actually the first trip that I did as a trip organiser. Stay tuned for more photo-diaries from beautiful Scotland!

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