A day trip to Roslin from Edinburgh

The next destination that I am sharing with you is Roslin, a village in Scotland. Roslin is the home place of Rosslyn chapel, which was made famous by Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code and the homonymous movie. As my past day trips in this series, this day trip was also organised for the Photographic Society of The University of Edinburgh.

During the trip, we followed this walking route in Roslin Glen starting from the Rosslyn Chapel.

Getting there

Roslin is about 45 minutes from Edinburgh by bus 37. The bus stops at various locations in Edinburgh including the Edinburgh Bus Station. Once in Roslin get off at the Original Rosslyn Hotel bus stop. There is a bus every 20-30 minutes.

Things to do

The must-see place in Roslin is the Rosslyn Chapel. The entrance to the chapel costs £9.00 per adult (£7.00 for concessions) and children enter for free. Once inside, spend some time looking at the engraved details of the building. The chapel’s brochure has a basic explanation of the most important objects to see, but if you want more make sure to buy a guide book.

Before leaving Roslin, spend some time walking in Roslin Glen and pass by the ruins of the Roslyn Castle.

Day Trip to Roslin – Photo diary

Rosslyn Chapel
Here we are! Our first stop on a sunny winter day in Roslin is the Rosslyn Chapel. Sony ILCE-5100
Rosslyn Chapel Exterior
Photography inside the chapel was not permitted, so here are some details of the exterior. Sony ILCE-5100
Rosslyn Chapel Exterior
Last photo of Rosslyn Chapel before starting our walk. Sony ILCE-5100
Snow in Roslin
It was my first time seeing snow in Scotland and I was really excited! Sony ILCE-5100
Snow in Roslin
For a big part of our walk, we were walking in the snowy Roslin Glen. Sony ILCE-5100
A flower in Roslin
Ruins and nature… Sony ILCE-5100
An old gunpowder mill
We arrived at the ruins of an old gunpowder mill. Sony ILCE-5100
Old bridge, Roslin
We had to cross this picturesque bridge to continue our walk. Sony ILCE-5100
River in Roslin
Continuing our walk past the river. Sony ILCE-5100
View from Roslin
Grasping the wintery views… Sony ILCE-5100
River North Esk
Crossing the River North Esk. Sony ILCE-5100
Rosslyn Castle Tower
Here are the ruins of the Rosslyn Castle. This is the oldest part of the castle dating to the 14th century. Sony ILCE-5100
Rosslyn Castle
Today a restored part of the Rosslyn Castle can be rented as holiday accommodation. Sony ILCE-5100

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this day trip to Roslin photo diary. Check out my previous photo diary from Perth here.

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    Roslin looks so beautiful and I have never actually heard about it! Thank you for sharing!

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    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me wish I was there now!

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    Beautiful photos. Great that you got to see snow in Scotland. I love snowery scenes.

    1. Elina Michaelidou

      I wasn’t expecting to find snow that day, it was a beautiful surprise!

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    I didn’t know there was this Da Vinci Code location so close to Edinburgh! Thank you for sharing!

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    The chapel and the ruins look amazing! I didn’t know about this town before, I am glad you shared it with me!

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